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The book PSYCHOMILETIC is sucessfully published at all E-Book   platforms. The english version will be available in  2 month.








                                                   The art of war of the soul 


Here a short description:

Psychomiletik(PM) is an artificially created word: Psycho is greek an means soul. The basic word of miletik is homilia. This is latin and means community or preach. That means that PSYCHOMILETIK is what the soul transmits. That what the soul communicates to us you can "read". I have developed a few systems that will make it easier for you to realize who is thinking differently as he speaks.

They can lie to you, but they can not hide who they are, because their psychomiletic is telling  us permanently who they are.


The three main methods to learn it quickly are:

1. The reflection which you live.

2. Learning to "read" the NEWSFLASH messages.

3. Recognize emotions and learn to translate them.


Example for comparison of emotions:

My favourite psycomiletic game is to feel what in football games happens. I do my bets, my forecast for the weekend on wednesday. To make it easier I take now only one match. I take Bayern Munic- Borussia Dortmund and my forecast ist 1:1.

Now its sunday and the match has already started. I am relaxed because I am going for a walk. I have my mobil with me and I am used to have a look for the result every 10 to 15 minutes. Suddenly I have the feeling that I have to inform me about the game.

The first thing I ask myself is, if this now is the rotation query(every 10 to 15 minutes), or did something happen in the match. If its not the rotation I can be shure that something has happened.

Then I check out, if that what has happened is good or bad for my bet. I check out if I had good or bad emotions, when the feeling, that I have to inform me, came in. Then I fix, I commit myself.

For example: It was not the rotation , something had happened on the soccer field, it was good for my bet. Then I take my mobile and have a look at the result.


In more than 100 fixings I never went wrong!



Caution: The vanity has to be switched off while "reading" of events and news. As well the hope to "read" correctly impairs the discernment.

Take advantage of the stabilization techniques, balance and exclusion, as I have described it in the book Psychomiletik.